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At Red Square Projects we have vast experience in dealing with one specific area of expertise – the Russian market. We are here to offer our business acumen, creative skills and extensive contacts both in the UK and Russian Federation to ensure that you gain the maximum exposure you deserve. If your aim is to attract a large Russian clientele, then we will be your goose that lays golden eggs!

In a fast changing environment that is Russia today the local knowledge and personal touch are essential. As they say in Russia, “What matters is not WHAT you know but WHO you know”. So don’t be a fish out of the water. Let us be your guide, we will familiarize and help you feel at ease in the Russian world or the British one if you are our compatriot. And ultimately, trust us to deliver, because after seven years in business, Red Square PR always keeps their PRomises.

As a full-service integrated communications agency, we excel not only in public relations, but in event and life style management, marketing, advertising and consulting. Since 2000 our hands-on bilingual staff has played a vital role in facilitating a strong commercial and cultural link between Russia and the UK, introducing British business to the Russian market and vice versa. We use every opportunity and vehicle at our disposal to promote our many business partners and sponsors. Innovative and unconventional campaigns as well as the unforgettable atmosphere at our events – these are the unique components of the Red Square Projects brand.