Russian Pop Legends

LEGENDS OF THE RUSSIAN POP: SONGS FOR MY LOVE — the first ever concert of its kind in the UK. Most famous and loved Russian music stars of the Russian Radio and Radio Сhanson are coming to London for the first time together to perform at Eventim Apollo.

Philip Kirkorov, Soprano Turetskogo, Oleg Gazmanov, Kristina Orbakaite, Svetlana Loboda, Aleksandr Marshal, Emin, Taisia Povaliy, Irina Krug, Aleksandr Revva, Nyusha, VladiMir, ADessa, Gradusy, Te100steron, UrKiss, Elena Sever, Zemlyane and many others will perform their most famous, award winning hits. Among participants of the concert are multiple winners of prestigious award ceremonies such as: “Golden Gramophone”, “Song of the Year”, “Chanson of the Year”.

  • Location: London
  • Date: March 2017