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Svetlana Kuleshova - an extraordinary Russian artist

MAD 3 – Svetlana Kuleshova


МА Drawing

Camberwell College of Arts

Peckham Road ,

London, SE5 8UF  

"The art of creativity does not justify anything, since its appearance is a justification in itself." Nilolai Berdyaev 


MAD 3 – Svetlana Kuleshova in her own words: 

Global Reloading of New Age                                                                                       

You are about to see 10 photographs.Why photographs?Photographic images are representative of contemporary lifestyle.No one can imagine global existence nowadays without the ubiquitous photo.Every artist has to live within society and be at the forefront of the spirituality of humankind. Photo-collage is a consequent form of art.Photos are materialCollage allows for cross-penetration of images, cults and reflections.My perception is that self-expression of an artist has to respond to this medium.I use this material as the medium for drawing.The manipulation of photographic material is a way in which I can think and draw. 7 of the photographs represent “Day” as rainbow.3 represent metaphysics of “Night”.Photographs are accompanied by a statement/recipe/ philosophical postulate that seems to me interesting and valuable.  The essence of the phrase Global Reloading of New Age is self-explanatory.The occurrence of the phrase itself proves its own right for existence (at this point in time, in this space) In series # 1 we see the birth of cult…the OneEverything arrives through pain – birth – nothing happens without the shedding of blood.The bloodless one – the plastic sheep, the onlooker, stands aside, exists but does not live and does not experience. With reference to Global Reloading of the New Age, my commentaries on the images are in the form of recipe or philosophical postulate. i.e. “10 recipes from Kule” or “Life as Cooking”. 1.      I love or hate because it’s recognisable.                                                           2.      Evil as another quintessence of goodness or the goodness as one aspect of evil3.      Nothing actually happens and everything is real4.      A person as the key – a person as the door5.      I load – and I get loaded6.      Nothing is acquired through passion7.      Nothing is sacred – Anarchy is mother of all8.      Liberty is achieved through trying9.      Everything is made as the result of transformation of basic elements, fire, air, earth and water.  Stars are born in volcanoes – energy oozes from the Earth.10.   Life is like a fancy dress that is measured and tried on for the first 30 years, then worn with comfort, and then gradually worn out.  Series #1 (Day) – rainbowIn series # 1 a ram was used, he had been raised for the purpose of killing for the sale of his meat.  The difference was that carving took place not in the barn but in the open air and that the meat was prepared and eaten. In series # 2 (Night) we used the same ram but shot selectively at night with pin-point high lighting with a flash light (allowing focus on the object). In essence:The ram is either dead or aliveIt makes no difference He is either alive or devoured. Series #3 – It is all a sausage – a reflectionSausage covers a human being.Possibility of interbreeding – the animal with divine –sausage with red egg.Mutation as the eternal process of everything living.  The eyes and the symbolic egg reflect only that what exists Spiral movement leads to mutations – injecting of seeds and eggs – using them in our generative celebrations (Easter and Christmas).Passing from one religion to another as dates and images representing differing cults merge and disappear.Reaching the stars through blood. Through the whole series the reoccurring theme is Russian dolls, the colours of which symbolise the basic elements – air, earth, fire and water.   In this series of images I look at the possible re-emergence of paganism in mass cults and images (eg, pop-stars and movies) as they are the seeds and eggs of a new culture and life – global reloading of new age.