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Russian New Year Gala Evening

The Russian New Year Gala Evening

13 January 2009

Hotel de Paris

Monte-Carlo, Monaco


Splendid Reception, Gala Dinner and show "Les Solistes de Monte-Carlo"


On January 13, 2009  the legendary Hôtel de Paris– Monte-Carlo – Principality of Monaco welcomes it’s noble guests for the beautiful ceremony of the Imperial Court that revives the balls,
 and celebrations which used to astound the world. The truly majestic spirit of the bygone era of the Tsars to be experienced in glamorous Monte Carlo. 


The New Year's Ball is your unique chance to enter the rich world of Russian culture, your chance to plunge into an authentic atmosphere of grandeur and luxury. This magical journey into the elegant world of the Russian Tsars guarantees a night to remember.   


Comfortable limousine and helicopters have replaced gilt carriages, guests  will arrive from Nice, Curchevel, and the neighbouring cities directly to Monte Carlo Main Square – Place de Casino. The guests will walk up to the main entrance on a thick carpet and the Hotel will discover aglow of lights.   


Welcome Cocktail 

After entering the Hotel the guests will be invited for a warm Cocktail, where they will have the possibility to network and to meet friends as well as to savour a legendary cuisine. An impressive marble lobby, dating 1864, silken rooms, magnificent rooms stretch in a sumptuous line to, form one uninterrupted suite of apartments. 


Music and Entertainment 

The interior will be animated by enchanting flute music harpsichord and a real Classical Orchestra will be the highlight of the evening.


The Empire Ball room 

The splendid effect of this passageway prepares the guests for one of the main treasures of the Hotel- the Empire Room with its exquisite refinement leaves no one indifferent. When the double doors of the Ballroom will be opened wide and the guests halt spellbound at the fairytale scene in front of them. 



The courtly entourage provides a royal welcome, while opera singers mount the stage and propose the first toast.   


Imperial Dinner

French chefs always managed Imperial cuisine in Russia. And once again, the prestigious and Famous Executive Chef of the Hotel de Paris and the Alain Ducasse’s Restaurant LOUIS VX, Chef Cerruti,  will be in charge. Dinner starts with the finest of Russian delicacies - black caviar, a delight to satisfy the most discerning gourmets.


Flower Decoration

In keeping with another Russian tradition, there was always a profusion of flowers, rare plants and potted palms at every ball, even in the coldest of winters. This tradition has also been preserved and scented flowers bloom on every table.  


Chiming Midnight

Midnight is coming and is signalled by a concert of bells.  


Ball Dancing

Dances are the most exciting part of any ball. Couples move graciously to the strains of Strauss's waltzes in golden interiors shimmering in candle light. All this makes one feel as if one has stepped into a fairytale. 


Imperial Jazz

But this is a modern fairytale, and jazz accompanies the romantic ballroom music. A famous jazz orchestra performs background music throughout the night. Everyone is carried away in a whirlwind of music.

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